Playford Alive Initiatives Fund 2020 photo

2020 Initiatives Fund Recipients

On 15 December 2020, a total of $16,282 in funding was awarded to local community groups for various community initiatives.  Congratulations to the below organisations who will be supported in making a positive contribution to the Playford Alive community.

This year’s funding recipients were:

Playford Alive Uniting Church – WonderFULL Christmas Festival

This grant will enable the Playford Alive Uniting Church to host the 2020 Wonderful Christmas Festival on Friday 18 December  6pm – 9:30pm.  This is a family friendly event for all ages of the Playford Community to gather and connect with one another around food, music and fun activities in a positive, drug and alcohol-free environment.

It aims to provide opportunities for the local community to connect and cultivate relationships;  provide  the community with free activities, entertainment, affordable food and drink options by creating an inviting, safe and inclusive space and environment for people to meet; as well as celebrate Christmas by providing a fun, joyful space to celebrate Christmas together and bring back “wonder’ and hope into people’s lives.

United Way South Australia  – Possums Comes Alive in Playford

This funding will enable an event to be held in March 2021, open to the community of Playford Alive.

It aims for families to receive the Dolly Parton Imagination books into their homes and reduce the percentage of children not ready to start school.

Andrews Farm Community Church – Real Mums support and mentoring group

This money will enable Andrews Farm Community Church to provide support/mentoring to a group  of young mothers of children aged birth to Junior Primary School. The project benefits mums who experience loneliness and isolation and will have a positive impact on mums struggling with mental health issues such as post-natal depression; by providing mums with the tools to help support them during a pivot time in their lives.

It aims to give women the opportunity to discuss the joys and challenges of motherhood in an atmosphere that encourages without judgement. As well as provide mothers with practical teaching on topics relevant to their life stage with opportunities to explore and discuss what they’ve learned.


Since the fund was established in 2009, more than $880,000 (Inc. GST) has been provided to benefit the Playford Alive community. The Playford Alive Initiatives Fund helps organisations to grow and supports projects that make a positive contribution to the community.