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Experience the vibrant and dynamic energy of the Playford Alive community, where modern living seamlessly merges with a thriving neighbourhood atmosphere.

With an array of amenities and services designed to enhance everyday life, our homes embody the perfect blend of comfort, connectivity and ease.
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Town Centre

The thriving heart of this growing community is changing the way people live, shop, work and play. Here you’ll find a wonderful blend of shops, cafés, restaurants and parks, setting new benchmarks in urban development. Everything you need is at your doorstep - doctor, dentist, allied health, vet services, gym and childcare, automotive services and more.

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Town Park

The Playford Alive Town Park is where our residents come together. Close to community, retail and educational facilities, it features a playground, green space, BMX/skate zone, waterplay area, basketball court, BBQ and picnic areas. The Town Park is behind the Stretton Centre, home to a Playford Library Service, workspaces and business support.

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Discover all that’s on offer in the bustling community of Playford Alive.

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