PAIF 2019 winners

2019 Initiatives Fund recipients

On 23 October 2019, three organisations shared more than $15,000 from the twelfth round of grants from the Playford Alive Initiatives Fund.

The successful recipients for the Playford Alive Initiatives Fund grants are:

Playford Uniting Church  – $5,500
The Playford Uniting Church (PUC) is hosting the WonderFULL Christmas Festival. This free event is an opportunity for the Playford Alive community to gather and connect with each other building new friendships and a sense of community pride. Building on the success from the last two years, this year’s WonderFULL festival will be full of energy and fun for all generations and will include a range of free activities and entertainment for young people and their families. PUC received $5,500 in funding.

Northern Communities Of Hope Youth  – $7,500
NCOH Youth will deliver a Peachey Social Enterprise – Youth Employment Pathways program. Building on the success of their youth outreach program in Davoren Park, NCOH Youth are planning to set up a social enterprise op shop and café in their Davoren Park Youth Centre. The aim of the social enterprise is to empower and encourage young people to gain work experience, skills, confidence, positive social connections and pathways into the workforce. The project will also give young people a platform to create their own microbusinesses and support them to sell services and products to the local community. NCOH Youth received $7,500 in funding.

Clean Up Playford City  –  $967
Local resident, Liam Goodrich, has initiated a series of clean up events alongside Clean up Australia. The Clean Up Playford City program works with members of the community to help keep local parks and creeks clean. The Playford Alive Initiatives Fund is making it even easier to volunteer for this worthy cause with all new equipment to be purchased to help with the clean ups. Clean Up Playford City received $967 in funding.

Since the fund was established in 2009, $864,376 (inc. GST) has been provided to benefit the Playford Alive community. The Playford Alive Initiatives Fund helps organisations to grow and supports projects that make a positive contribution to the community.