Celebrating 10 Years

July 20, 2018

In 2008, a bold and ground-breaking new approach to urban revival took its first steps towards a beautiful reality. It was an idea that brought together residents, state and local government plus businesses to create a fresh, vibrant address built on neighbourhood spirit, active lifestyles and a pioneering blend of nostalgia and future.

That vision was Playford Alive, and now, a decade later, that vision is definitely being achieved.

Celebrating ten years since the first lots were sold for new homes in Andrews Farm, we look back at how this amazing project began.

Playford Alive construction beginning on site in 2008


Covering more than 1,000 hectares of existing residential precincts and former farmland, Playford Alive is one of Australia’s largest urban renewal ventures, worth over $1 billion.

From the beginning, the plans included the development of new homes and the refurbishment of existing public housing properties, providing a host of living choices for the area.

Since then, Playford Alive has set new standards, not only in urban development but in creating genuine community spirit amongst the residents that call it home.


Matching the existing homes and streets, Playford Alive has seen the formation of almost 1,400 new lots throughout the project. Some of these were created from existing land in established neighbourhoods, while the majority are brand new lots on greenfield sites.

Eventually, Playford Alive will be home to more than 40,000 people. Large areas of green open space including beautiful parks, gardens, reserves and two wetlands are enjoyed frequently by the local community.

The new Playford Alive Town Park also provides exciting play areas, relaxed picnic spaces, a skate bowl and water play area for all residents.

People walking through the wetlands

Playford Alive H&L Lottery House


A key feature of Playford Alive is the way it has held onto and enhanced the area’s existing character. A new approach to urban revitalisation was taken, by retaining and renovating much of the existing streetscape and public housing.

These solid brick refurbished homes, with generous blocks, have been hugely popular amongst homebuyers looking for an affordable house that they can move into quickly and easily.

Over 340 of these houses have been renovated, with around 150 now sold to private residents. An additional 205 new homes have been built for public housing to boost the appeal and diversity of the community.


There is more to Playford Alive than just attractive streets, lovely parks and handy facilities. It’s the local neighbourly spirit that makes it a fantastic place to live and attracts new residents every year.

This great combination of community, newly renovated homes, affordable land and small-lot housing projects, such as the multi-award winning Town Life Living, has seen more South Australians reap the benefits and enjoy the peace-of-mind of owning their own property, allowing them to realise the Australian dream of owning a home.

Happy Neighbours

Friends and family having lunch at the Playford Alive Town park


At the heart of the community is the thriving Town Centre, with its vibrant buzz and local village feel. From major retailers to speciality stores, medical and childcare facilities, gyms and restaurants, the Town Centre definitely adds to the quality of life enjoyed by everyone who lives at Playford Alive. Home to new businesses, shops and services, the centre has quickly become a focal point for the community and, most importantly, helped grow job opportunities and commercial activity.

This is really noticeable in the innovative Stretton Centre – a pioneering, state-of-the-art workspace in the heart of the Playford Alive Town Centre, an inspiring hub for small business and local entrepreneurs.

Also close to the action, Playford Alive’s award-winning Town Life Living project has seen modern, stylish and affordable homes make the most of
low-maintenance lots while keeping a sense of life in the Town Centre after the shops have closed for the day. Town Life Living has won two State Urban Development Institute of Australia awards for best affordable and best medium density development, and the national prize for best affordable development.

What’s more, thanks to the local transport links, including a brand new railway station at Munno Para, commuters have been able to shave valuable minutes off their daily travel time, which means more time to spend at home, with family and doing things they love.


Playford Alive is also very active in supporting and encouraging the wide range of local organisations and community groups. Since 2009, the Playford Alive Initiatives Fund has provided more than $875,000 to support over 50 community organisations. Many of these, like the Community Reference Group, were set up as a result of passionate and dedicated residents. And these hard working residents don’t go un-noticed.

Each year, the Playford Alive Local Heroes Awards recognises the tireless efforts of those individuals who have gone above and beyond to create a better community for all.

In addition, thousands of locals have enjoyed free community fun days, which are held to celebrate and bring together the diverse community that makes up Playford Alive.

Winners of the 2017 Local Heroes

Kids eating lunch at John Hartley School


Playford Alive has seen the opening of new childcare centres and space for three brand new schools: John Hartley School (Reception
to Year 7) in Smithfield Plains, Mark Oliphant College (Birth to Year 12) in Munno Para, and Adelaide North Special School in Munno Para.

Together, these schools are providing the next generation with fantastic learning opportunities in the most modern and inspiring settings, and
giving local students the life and career skills that will set them on the road to professional success.

And all close to home so that students can enjoy an easy walk or bike ride to school every day.


Of all the things that have been achieved in the past ten years though, some of the most inspiring personal achievements can be found in one
initiative: The Works Program at Playford Alive.

Since it began in 2008, the program has helped more than 5,400 locals through training and employment programs, with over 1,690 taking part in work experience placements and more than 940 gaining paid employment placements.

Celebrating ten years of Playford Alive


What began as a relatively blank canvas, ripe for renewal, has grown to become one of Australia’s most community driven addresses. Playford Alive
provides fantastic education, employment and home ownership opportunities to an entire community.

And after ten years, this is still only the beginning.