Residential Design Code

Together, we are creating a great community at Playford Alive, where people live in attractive surroundings and are proud of their neighbourhood.

Playford Alive is a master planned urban and community development within the City of Playford, involving new land releases and the renewal of existing neighbourhoods. It is being developed using ‘traditional neighbourhood design principles’, supporting the wider project objectives of sustainability, enhancing social interaction and returning a sense of community to residential areas.

A key goal of Playford Alive is the promotion of a variety of housing types with the objectives of:

  • Providing greater housing choice
  • Creating a broad price range for housing, incorporating both traditional detached housing and a range of other new and innovative housing products
  • Delivering built forms that address the street and the public domain.

To achieve these aims, a level of development guidance is required, in this case in the form of a Residential Design Code. The Playford Alive Residential Design Code is provided to assist homebuyers, builders and designers. It aims to create high-quality, built outcomes that maintain property values and enhance lifestyles over time. While promoting an overall consistency of built form, they allow for individual diversity and choice.

Download the Playford Alive Residential Design Code (PDF, 2MB).

For more information, do not hesitate to contact a Playford Alive Sales Consultant on 1800 400 500 or send an email.