Renewal SA Works Program at Playford Alive

The Works Program at Playford Alive, through training and employment initiatives, is creating social and economic opportunities for residents across the Playford Alive project and surrounding area.

In 2008, Renewal SA established the Works Program at Playford Alive — a community training and employment strategy to ensure the local community benefits from Renewal SA’s urban renewal activities. The concept proved so successful that the program was extended to other Renewal SA projects all over metropolitan Adelaide.

Activities under the award-winning Works Program are designed in partnership with a variety of project partners, training providers and stakeholders to benefit the community. This includes providing training and hands-on work experience in civil construction, building and construction, horticulture, retail, child care and aged care.

For our participants, the experience and insight obtained from working in real industry environments within their communities are invaluable — preparing them to become work-ready and gain ongoing employment.

The Works Program has secured more than $10 million funding in partnership with stakeholders, which is used to deliver economic outcomes in three ways:

  1. Employment and work experience opportunities in Renewal SA managed contracts – Work experience can include general labour, traineeships, apprenticeships and/or semi-skilled work.
  2. Engagement, training and employment programs – We partner with registered training organisations (RTOs) and agencies to deliver the initiatives that prepare people for opportunities available through local economic activity.
  3. Live training sites using Renewal SA owned land to provide local on-site training for RTOs – These “outdoor classrooms” are designed to produce candidates with experience working on infrastructure projects.

Current programs

We regularly share new training and employment initiatives for locals residing in the northern suburbs on our Facebook page. To be kept updated on the latest programs in Playford Alive, make sure you follow us on Facebook.

For a current list of all of Renewal SA’s Works Programs, please visit the Renewal SA website.

Become a partner

Firstly, we would like to thank our partners, contractors and especially program participants who give 110% — the Works Program is only successful because everyone does their part.

If you are a business, an organisation or a training provider who would like more information on partnering with us in the Renewal SA Works Program, please contact Samantha Wilson on 8207 1300 or


Success stories

We love celebrating the achievements of our community, so here are some videos highlighting just a few of many success stories.

Watch the videos below and see how the Works Program at Playford Alive has provided opportunities for local people such as Jean Claude, Kody and Caroline to change their lives for the better.